What do I have to bring?
Mums have so much to think about so to ensure class is as stress free as possible, all equipment is provided. For each Mum and baby, a changing mat, towels, oil and cushions / bean bags are all set out.

What do I do if the course I want to attend is full?
As places on courses are limited, they do fill up quite quickly. Generally you can be placed on the next course but if that does not suit you, private tuition or the opportunity for you to get a few of your friends together for a private group is available. Also, if there is high demand for an additional course to be run, this can be organised.

I’ve got other friends who want to come, can we all attend?
Yes, it is common for a few Mums who know each other to come to class. If there are quite a few of you, it might be worth running a private course for your group at a time / dates to suit. Katrina is more than happy to arrange this.

I’ve got twins / triplets, can I attend?
Of course you can but we do suggest you bring someone else with you like Dad or a Grandparent or person who will be spending a lot of time with the babies.

How long do sessions last?
Each session in the group course lasts up to an hour and a half. Length of class depends on how much discussion Mums want to have, how the babies are reacting to the massage that week and how far along in the course we are.

What if I need to feed?
All classes are baby led so you can respond to what your baby is telling you. You are more than welcome to feed in class.

What if my baby cries?
Again, being baby led, if your baby cries, it is often a sign that they are not in the mood for massage. Crying is not an issue in the class at all as all babies cry so you can feel free to sit and cuddle your baby whenever you wish.

What if my baby is asleep during class?
If your baby is asleep when arriving at class, we would suggest you don’t wake them. Whilst they sleep you can watch what is going on, practice on a demonstration doll or just sit back and take some time out for yourself.

How many people are in each class?
It’s really important that classes are as relaxing as possible and people can get to know each other easily. We therefore keep class sizes quite small and generally limit it to 10 Mums and babies.

What happens if I miss a class?
It is inevitable that due to ill health / holidays or other commitments you may miss the odd class. Unfortunately it is not possible to refund any missed classes as the cost guarantees you a place on the course for the whole 5 weeks. We do suggest that if you are unable to attend Week 1, when a lot of the basic information is covered, that you perhaps sign up for a later course. If you miss later sessions, we recap stokes from previous weeks each week and handouts are provided.

Can I buy a gift voucher for a friend?
Yes, gift vouchers for courses are available. They are great presents for baby showers or new arrivals! Click here for more information.

I’ve got other children, can they get involved in massage?
Yes, they can when you practice at home. Siblings can often feel funny about a new arrival and involving them in the massage routine is a great way to help them feel ok about it. Siblings can help to set up the room for massage, they can join in the nursery rhymes and songs, choose the music, hold the oil or even watch out for baby’s cues. Many of the massage strokes can also be used on older children as the benefits don’t stop once they start crawling! It’s just a question of adapting the strokes and holding their interest!


Who am I...?

I’m Katrina Higson, a qualified Infant Massage Instructor (QIMT). Welcome to my website where you can learn more about how baby massage can help you and your little one and find out how to join one of my classes.


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